Thomas Jepp

Streaming audio from Linux to Windows


Having multiple PCs all needing to play audio is a pain - especially when you use a headset.

This is how I stream audio from my NUC - running Linux - to my Windows desktop - where the headset is plugged in.


There are a few options for getting audio from Linux to Windows:

Given these choices, I ended up using PulseAudio.

PulseAudio on Linux

Setting up the Linux side of this is really easy:

  1. Open /etc/pulse/client.conf and add:
    default-server =
    Change to the IP of your Windows machine.
  2. Run:
    killall pulseaudio

PulseAudio on Windows

PulseAudio isn't well maintained on Windows - the binaries linked from the official site are very old - for PulseAudio 1.1.

However, I found a much newer set of binaries from the X2Go project:

To set up PulseAudio 5.0 on Windows, do the following:

  1. Download from
  2. Extract it and copy the pulse folder to C:\pulse
  3. Create a file in that folder with these contents:
    load-module module-native-protocol-tcp port=4713 auth-ip-acl=;
    load-module module-esound-protocol-tcp port=4714 auth-ip-acl=;
    load-module module-waveout
    Replace with your local subnet.
  4. Test this setup by running:
    c:\pulse\pulseaudio.exe -F
    You should now be able to get Linux sound playing on your Windows PC.
  5. For a permanent setup, we need to create a Windows service rather than running PulseAudio in a command prompt. I use NSSM to run arbitrary programs as services. Download the latest version of NSSM.
  6. Extract it and copy nssm.exe from the win32 folder to c:\pulse.
  7. Run:
    c:\pulse\nssm.exe install PulseAudio
  8. Fill in the following details on the Application tab:
    • Path: c:\pulse\pulseaudio.exe
    • Startup directory: c:\pulse
    • Arguments: -F c:\pulse\
    On the Details tab, fill in:
    • Display name: PulseAudio
    Now click Install service.
  9. Finally, start the newly installed service - either through the Services item in Administrative Tools, or by running net start PulseAudio


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