Thomas Jepp

New website

After a very long time, I recently finally decided to create myself a new website.

After weighing up all the options, I ended up with a brand new, custom-written site. Although C# and ASP.NET MVC are my favoured tools to create a new site, I ended up using PHP - to be able to develop the site quickly and keep it lightweight.

This is also the first site I've made where I've used SASS to create my CSS. It really is a much better way of creating CSS compared to normal CSS files, and I've found that I really prefer the syntax to LESS - which I've used previously. CodeKit's great SASS integration makes it incredibly easy - just save the file and CodeKit automatically generates the minified CSS file that actually gets used.

I'll be using this new site to post information about projects I'm working on and other things that I think are interesting!


Posted 2015-11-11 14:18:08 by Anonymous

Nice Website

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