Thomas Jepp

About me

I'm Thomas Jepp - Tom for short - and I'm a software developer from Rugby, Warwickshire - right in the middle of the UK.

I'm passionate about computers and just about everything to do with them - I started programming at 7 years old (using QBasic on DOS!) and I've never looked back!

For work, I currently write software for desktop computers, servers, websites, phones, tablets - just about any device you can program! I use mostly C, C#, PHP & JavaScript.

In my spare time, I love to learn and experiment. I host and run a community site for modding the Saints Row series of games (Saints Row Mods), I run my own servers, I design and build electronics, I watch Formula 1 - and I write more software!

In keeping with my love of learning and experimenting, I own lots of different computers and devices. I use all of the major operating systems - Linux, macOS and Windows, and I'm familiar with the inner workings of all three.


I have a GPG/PGP key for a number of reasons - such as encrypted email, or signing released files. If you need my key, it is:

pub   rsa4096/16CD1479 2013-06-11
      Key fingerprint = ADF8 5A24 A73E 95DF ED27  56A0 C442 4E87 16CD 1479